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SAFI Group Of Companies

SAFI Group
SAFI Group of Companies is an upright integrated fertilizer and agro chemicals manufacturing company with a strong professional administration team and up-to-date management. With modern production activity based on professional experience combined with inventive technologies and latest achievements of science and engineering. With additional production value expressed in high-quality products processing and sale, efficient management and logistics.
SAFI Group of Companies wishes to positively manipulate the quality of life and welfare of the people around us and confidently achieve only positive results on our way to achieving success.
We achieve our results due to utmost efficient and rational use of natural and land resources, technical and technological innovations, considerable professional experience of our specialists and managers. On the way to success in our operation, we rely on social and moral commitments, respect and recognition of the contribution made by people who work to improve social welfare
We only have to take care to be strong and true with every step forward. As we move towards our dream, growing by combining our forefathers’ experience and competence with the latest achievements of humankind, then our business will indisputably be successful, and every seed spread onto fertile soil will bear fruit and lead to a harvest of well being and prosperity for all.

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20 Years Of Experience

It is not exhaustive since through our experience we understand that a farmer’s needs are always diverse and dynamic. Our firm is therefore constantly developing and is prepared at all times to step up and meet any legal challenge.

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