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SAFI Chemicals & Fertilizer (Pvt.) Limited

SAFI Chemicals & Fertilizer (Pvt.) Limited

SAFI Chemicals & Fertilizers (Pvt) Limited

SAFI Chemicals and Fertilizer was started its business in 2007 and incorporated in 2010. We are involved in the manufacturing of Fertilizer and Chemicals. We are producing good quality Safi Single Super Phosphate 18% granular and powder.
We have our own Single Super Phosphate manufacturing plant, with latest technology having production capacity of 450 MT/day at Habibabad, Muzaffargarh, Pakistan.
In future we are going to start the manufacturing of Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) to enhance our business and production. We are also going to install 2 MW Power generations to meet our electricity requirement. We are one of the quality manufacturers of Single Super Phosphate in Pakistan and certified from PSQCA (Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority). We are strictly following the PSQCA standards to ensure our quality.
We have quality control lab at our plant, highly equipped with latest equipment and highly technical & professional staffs monitor the quality control at every level of production.
We are committed with our farmers to provide them quality fertilizer in affordable price. We have a team of dedicated scientist and professional who are striving hard to develop new and better products for our farmers.
We have made many steps toward our dreams and we continue to use our full impending to achieve great results. We use the knowledge, experience and astuteness of our ancestors who know how to work their native land.
We are also involved in the Research & Development of new better products. We have our own agricultural research farm, where our scientist working hard to develop better products for our soil and crops.

Following are the product list of SAFI Chemicals & Fertilizers (Pvt) Limited Products;

  • D.A Phos
  • Nurea
  • Sultan
  • Pash
  • Single Super Phosphate 18%
  • Sulphate Of Potash
  • Muriate Of Potash
  • Ammonium Sulphate
  • NPK 20:20:20
  • Cooper Sulphate
  • Ferris Sulphate
  • KOH
  • MAP 12:61