SAFI Chemicals

SAFI Chemicals

SAFI Chemicals is a manufacturing concern organization. It was established in year 2000. SAFI Chemicals is involved in the manufacturing of fertilizers, agro products and basic chemicals. We have two production facilities one in Multan and other in Muzaffargarh. We at SAFI Group are always open to new and innovative ideas, and to materialize these innovative ideas we have installed state of the art production plant, modern production activity combined with professional experience results in premium quality products. SAFI Chemicals is amongst pioneer to introduce Micronutrients in Pakistan.

We at SAFI Group strive for expansion and professional growth. We have a team of dedicated scientists and professionals who are striving hard to develop new and better products. We have made many steps towards our dream and we continue to use our full impending to achieve great results. We use the knowledge, experience and astuteness of our ancestors, who knew how to work their native land. Our native land, fruitful and generous, helps us to make our dreams come true.

Quality Policy

We are to serve our valued customers up to their expectation & beyond, for that we will continue to improve our quality management system.

Following are the list of local manufactured products offers for bulk sales to distributors:

  • Zinc Sulphate 10% (L)
  • Zinc Sulphate 21% (G)
  • Zinc Sulphate 33% (G)
  • Potassium Humate 10% (G)
  • Potassium Humate 40% (G)
  • Multi Micro Nutrients 10% (L)
  • Multi Micro Nutrients 10% (G)
  • Potash 30% (L)
  • Boron 5% (L)
  • N:P:K 8:8:6 (L)