Organic Compost Fertilizer

Organic Compost Fertilizer

Product Details
Classification : Organic Fertilizers
Place of Origin : Pakistan
Other Name : Organic Fertilizers
Type : Composit

Product Name

Organic Fertilizer

Product KeywOrd

Bulk Organic Fertilizer


Listing Description

Organic Fertilizer
Organic Mater 50%, – 70%

Detailed Description

  • Increase in yield
  • Higher rate of seed germination
  • Deeper root growth
  • Lower watering requirements
  • Faster growing, mOre nutritious
  • Higher animal nutrition, faster growth
  • Lower ongoing fertilizer requirements
  • Savings on additional NPK fertilizers
  • Improve stress tolerance of crops
  • Improve the quality of crops
  • Stimulate crop growth
  • Enhance root activity
  • Prevent premature aging
  • Improve the various enzyme activities
  • Increase the chlOrophyll content
  • Improve the quality of the fruit
  • Increase fertilizer use efficiency ≥20%