Manure Compost Fertilizer

Manure Compost Fertilizer

Product Details
Classification : Other Fertilizers
Place of Origin : Pakistan
Purity : 25-50%
Type : Composit
State : Powder

Product Name

Manure Compost

Product KeywOrd

Organic compost


Listing Description

Organic Mater 25-50%

Detailed Description

Poultry /dairy manure compost
HA (Dry Basis) 40%-60%
Organic Matter 25-50% min
Compost is a product produced from active and high quality leonardite which contains humic acid and fulvic acid. It goes through high-tech production procedure and processing. It does not contain heavy metals and have low density. Besides soil reconditioning and chelating effect, the soluble product will increase fertilizer utilization and stimulate plant growth. It can apply to all types of soil and crops.BENEFIT
1. Increases CEC
2. Buffers PH value in both acidic and alkaline soil
3. Improved aeration of soil
4. Increase microbiological activity
5. Activates trace element in soil to be available fOr uptake of plant.
6. Stimulate plant growth and root hair development

20kg Or 25kg poly bag